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  • Technical: (+91) 8902 639 159
  • Billing: (+91) 9143 674 199
  • Calls should be made on Office Hours only (11:00 IST to 18:00 IST).
  • Call Facility is available any day other than Indian National holidays.

 Abuse / Infringement Complain

We would like to help anybody out if they have complaints against any of the sites hosted on or by our servers, be it complain against any content like music, video, text, pictures, offensive material or statement, & any such thing that breaks law of any country or community or disturbs peace by any means possible. We would be glad to take down any such sites against whom or regarding their content complain would be logged within 24 hours and banning them from our network for the rest of the life. Please make sure to inform us about any such matter at

 Support Ticket

Our beloved and valuable clients are requested to drop a ticket first at their client area and then only if no proper response is made they can call at the provided contact numbers of the respective departments. Support Ticket can be droped Here

 Request Call Back

Confused! Have a question? We would be glad to give you a call to discuss your problem. Please click on Live Chat Button in the home page and log for a call back request. If there is no Executive available you can also leave a message there in the Live Chat service. Existing Clients are requested to drop a Support Ticket in their respective area first, only if the ticket is not responded in proper time a request for the call back request can be logged.

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